About The Artist

About Baiba

Science and art are keywords for a brief description of Baiba Arina. Baiba is a future doctor of educational sciences, but she also has a special relationship with art. She graduated as a fashion designer, completed a cycle of courses at the Art Academy of Latvia, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Communication, a Master’s degree in Pedagogy, and also completed a PhD program focused on school website research. Baiba also studied for a year as a doctoral exchange student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the Faculty of Communications.

Painting has been Baiba’s passion since childhood and has become an important form of self-expression, ensuring intellectual and creative harmony. She loves expressive colors and lights in paintings. Inspired by the sun and nature of Spain, currently living in Vinaròs, she continues to paint nature scenes with even more passion, in her paintings she tries to convey to the viewer the feelings of Mediterranean nature and the sun, the energy and joy of life.

Baiba is an artist who puts the entirety of herself into her paintings. From the path of her life, to the pleasures and extraordinary experiences, she puts her unique essence into every painting she makes. It’s up to the viewers to recognise and see that in every brush stroke and tone.