Each piece of art is painted on premium quality canvas, maintaining their vibrant colours and appearance for years


All paintings are done using extraordinarily techniques that add texture, dimension and expressive qualities to artworks


All artwork is created with professional oil paints containing fine art pigments to ensure dependable quality finish

RECENT paintings

About Baiba

Science and art are keywords for a brief description of Baiba Arina. Baiba is a future doctor of educational sciences, but she also has a special relationship with art. She graduated as a fashion designer, completed a cycle of courses at the Art Academy of Latvia, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Communication, a Master’s degree in Pedagogy, and also completed a PhD program focused on school website research. Baiba also studied for a year as a doctoral exchange student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the Faculty of Communications.

Sharing creative energy

Baiba Arina is a palette knife artist originally from Riga, Latvia. She is an excellent landscape painter and colorist with undoubted talent and high performance skills. Precisely adjusted composition, finely selected tonality, bold colors and bright contrasts, impressionistic paintings with texture and depth. The palette of the artist surprisingly delicately conveys the most diverse states of nature, landscapes filled with air, liveliness, attracts and captures attention. She successfully experiments with technique and color, which allows Baiba to more comprehensively reveal her individual vision of the world, to convey the freshness and uniqueness of the created reflection, to express her temperament and special creative energy.